Right Here Right Now
Prateek Garg, Peter Bekos, Hardik Prajapati, Junior Luna


Functionality: Current temperature / weather, step by step directions, live road data, info graphics

Link to youtube video

How to Use:


  • Layer Controls
    • UIC to Museum Campus: shows data between UIC and Museum Campus
    • Overall Chicago: shows all info for chicago
    • Refresh Map: refreshes the map
    • Show/Hide Weather: shows or hides the weather widget on the right
  • Profile: about us (unfinished)
  • Messages: notifications (unfinished)
  • Settings: custom settings (unfinished)

View Control

  • Map Styles
    • Map View: sets map to standard map view
    • Satellite View: sets map to satellite / arial view
    • Street View: sets map to road view
  • View Items: Checking these off show the following live occurances
    • Potholes
    • Abondoned Vehicles
    • Street Lights
    • Divvy Stands
    • Crime Data
    • CTA Buses

Clicking on the map:

Clicking once on the map will put down a marker.

Clicking again will find a path for you to take



Github link: https://github.com/prateekgarg/RightHereRightNow

Steps to download:

Option 1 - Click "Download ZIP" button on github. This will give you a static copy of our source code

Option 2 - Clone our git copying the clone Url "https://github.com/prateekgarg/RightHereRightNow.git"